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+4 DECADES. Since 1974 developing flavors and fragrances for our clients

Sabores y Fragancias S.A. is one of the main flavors and fragrances houses in Argentina and Peru, with more than 45 years of experience in the local and international market. We are pioneers in quality control and management, being the first company in the sector to obtain an ISO 9001 certification.

Our Headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we also have a subsidiary and production plant in Lima, Peru. We have a technical team with great experience in the areas of flavors and fragrances: Flavorists and Perfumists dedicated to the development and design of new products.

Specialized Sensory Panels and personnel dedicated to the application and technical support, which permanently evaluates the developments and provides technical assistance, to help achieve the most attractive and successful products. We have equipment and technology that allow us to be at the vanguard, offering our clients a fast and efficient service in the development of their projects.


We are direct importers of raw materials, which enable us to be highly competitive in the field. We develop and manufacture liquid and powder products for all categories of food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, and household products. .Link.



We have independent and autonomous structures for our Flavors and Fragrances businesses, each of them with its own technical team for Development, Commercial, Production and Quality Control.

Since its inception, Sabores y Fragancias has exported to different Latin American markets, with an experienced Foreign Trade team, providing solutions to our clients abroad.

We also have an excellent distribution inside the country, with solid commercial and technical assistance, based in Rosario, Santa Fe.




In the complex universe of food and beverage coexists a wide array of products, from the most vibrant and innovative categories, to the most traditional and defined items. We work with passion for all of them, applying our experience and creativity in the development of alternatives according to each segment, the expectations of consumers and the latest global trends that allow us to focus the search for new businesses.

Our creations are segmented by the following categories:


Liquid and powdered flavors for soft drinks, flavored waters, isotonic drinks, powdered juices, and infusions.


Liquid and powder flavors for ice cream, yogurt, desserts, and spreadable cheese.


Liquid and powdered flavors for cookies (sweet and savory), puddings, cakes, muffins, and panettones.


Liquid and powder flavors for all types of meat products, sauces and dressings, spreads, salty fillings, and snacks.


Liquid and powdered flavors for jellies, custards, desserts, sweets, jams, chocolates, and a wide variety of fillings.


Liquid and powder flavors for medicines, vitamin complexes and sports supplements.



Each fragrance that we develop is a personal challenge that we pursue in order to find that formula that exceeds, both in pleasantness and intensity, customer expectations. We have the experience and passion to make this happen.

Our creations are segmented by the following categories:


Female, male and unisex.


Antiperspirants, creams, deo colognes, liquid and toilet soaps, baby products and sunscreen.


Ambient deodorants, diffusers, room sprays and candles.


Liquid laundry detergents, textile perfumes and fabric softeners.


Liquid cleaners, dishwashers, waxes, and automotive cosmetics.



The awakening of greater environmental and social awareness among consumers has created new habits and behaviors that even affect their consumption patterns. They look for companies that have sustainability as a base throughout their entire production chain.

Sustainability within the food sector grants the production of healthy foods to nourish the population while maintaining the health of the ecosystem, avoiding negative impact on the environment, both in its production process and in those of its suppliers of ingredients and raw materials.

Therefore, there are many aspects that must be considered so the food industry can meet its sustainable needs:


In Flavors and Fragrances we have Quality Certifications, Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, among other quality assurance systems already installed and others under development and implementation.


Social and Community Responsibility is a particularly important commitment for us, since we have a strong bond with the communities where our offices and plants are located, as well as with our employees and their families.


we comply with all the hygiene and safety protocols necessary to preserve the health and safety of your work team, as well as being able to comply in a timely manner with the commitments assumed with our clients.




Many trends that were forecast for 2020 had their boom postponed, as well as many others were anticipated and strengthened faster than anticipated due to the pandemic.

Health, well-being, immunity, practicality, transparency, sustainability, and indulgence are factors that increased in importance in a context where health and self-preservation took on a new meaning. Consequently, new product launches were affected by the new situation and are aligning themselves with these concepts.

The presence of young children in the home remains an important motivator for healthy eating and a balanced diet. Families consider important to consume fortified foods, enriched with vitamins and with added minerals. Households with children increased their use of plant-based foods; one in 10 households is vegetarian. Parents are concerned to assure that their children will have adequate mental and physical development, ability to concentrate in school, and protect them from illness later in life. There are more and more children's foods and snacks in “better for you” and low or sugar-free versions, including candy, baby food, snacks, bars, frozen meals, smoothies, and even popsicles.
In the search for a moment of accessible indulgence, cookies have already established themselves as a staple. They are a welcome presence as a side or snack. There is an increase in the demand for healthy baked goods, which must be made with beneficial ingredients and be free of preservatives.
The general market for fruit drinks has suffered a decline lately, due to its high sugar content. Health-conscious consumers are looking for healthy products, with added functionality, with recognizable ingredients and reduced in sugar. The functional benefits found in new beverage innovations are important in helping kids start the new school year strong and balance all the activities that goes with it.
The increase in the vegetarian and vegan population modified the proposal of sweets and treats, prioritizing the consumption of natural foods and products without artificial additives. Consumers are looking for original flavors, unique packaging, seasonal consumption occasions, and distinctive shapes, designs and textures.
Dairy contributes significantly to healthy eating in early childhood, when children are building the foundation for lifelong health. Dairy drinks are ideal for providing functional benefits for children, as they are perceived as healthy. Many dairy products are naturally healthy, making them a popular choice for consumers looking for more authenticity and simplicity in their food.
Convenience, portability, and on-the-go functionality are highly valued. Single-serving packages should be small enough to fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse and strong enough to survive the rigors of those environments. Easy-to-open packages for children are gaining more and more prominence.

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